Two Water Main Breaks Slow in Scranton

UPDATE: The water main breaks were fixed around 3:30 p.m. on Friday. Road work due to the break continues.

SCRANTON, Pa. --Crews from Pennsylvania American Water worked all day on Friday to fix two water main breaks in Scranton.

A little bit down the road, Robert Delauretis said he`s been without water for hours

"It is ridiculous now I have no water since I don't know, 6 o'clock this morning maybe," said Delauretis of Moosic.

The disabled veteran says he's had nothing but problems when it comes to water since moving to this part of Moosic.

"If you don't have water forget about it that`s life right there. That's all we need," said Delauretis.

Earlier this morning water crews arrived to find water shooting out of several places along Davis Street.

While crews were working to fix one main break, another break happened farther down Pittston Avenue.

Pennsylvania American Water Company says 40 homes and business have been affected by the watery mess.

One of those businesses was The Penalty Box on Birney Avenue.

"This morning, the 6 o'clock news, I noticed it and I saw it and all the activity going on that we would be affected by this because of the dirty water," said Matthew Poplewski of The Penalty Box.

Places like The Penalty Box were given a water buffalo for customers and staff to use.

"The local water company sends us a portable water buffalo as they call it to give water to the employees and cooks to keep boiling on the stove and keep this place clean here," said Poplewski.

Crews are still working on fixing both water main breaks. The Pennsylvania American Water Company still doesn't know when it will be fixed.

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    • jimbrony

      Only in the corrupt cities. Which is pretty much all of them. Unless you live in a small town. Then they’re more incompetent than corrupt.

    • George Lamprinos

      I’m sure you’re being rhetorical but there sure is! In my industry t’s called an infrastructure upgrade.I’m always ripping out old data lines and replacing with newer. Utility companies can do this too. But they’d rather pay their boards of directors/shareholders dividends. Instead of being proactive they’re in what’s called “break/fix mode”. Yes I know it costs money to replace miles of 125 year old piping. When they were installed 125 years ago they knew it wasn’t gonna last forever. They had 125 years to budget for the replacement. Instead they make sure to pay dividends instead of plan infrastructure improvement projects.

  • George Lamprinos

    Here we go again with yet another water main break. Water companies keep hiking the rates but never invest in upgrading the infrastructure. All we hear is about them running around fixing leaks. We never see news articles about a water company replacing the 125 year old pipes buried in the ground. I’m find with rate hikes if it’s to improve infrastructure. Where I used to live I got used to having an outage three of four times a year. Rates kept hiking but they never replaced the water main until a house burned down. The fire company couldn’t connect to the fire hydrant because the water main broke. Just an example.

    • George Lamprinos

      And yes I know it costs a lot of money to upgrade water mains. They installed these pipes a long time ago. In some cases 100 years ago. They had decades to budget for and plan infrastructure upgrades. Instead their focus was paying shareholders and boards of directors dividends.

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