New Year’s Food Traditions Strong in Luzerne County

NANTICOKE, Pa. -- It's the calm before the storm at Park Market on East Broad Street in Nanticoke.

The manager is packaging up porketta for sale.

"For New Year's, they like to smoke kielbasa, pork roast, the porketta roast is the favorite," said Carl Casey.

Pork served with sauerkraut is a New Year's staple for many people in our area.

"It has been a tradition for years and years. We sell a lot of it. Yeah. Some people think it's good luck. Some people get it blessed," said Casey.

The meat counter is filled, ready for the rush of people that will come in over the next few days.

But don't worry, Park Market's manager says he won't run out.

"No, we keep plenty on hand. Yeah. We make sure we have enough on hand. If they want to call in, we'll get it ready for them. This way we make sure we have it for them for the holiday," said Casey.

If you don't want to cook for yourself on New Year's, you can go to restaurants like Austie's in Hanover Township, where they're cooking all of the traditional favorites for New Year's Day.

"If you don't feel like cooking at home. You can come here and have some good pork and sauerkraut," said Jacob Aldridge.

The restaurant will be serving pork and sauerkraut on January 1 until they run out.

"Because it's really homemade. Everybody like homemade food. It's nice. It has a good flavor to it," said Aldridge.

Austie's restaurant will be open until 9 p.m, on New Year's Day.

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