New Year’s Celebrations a Thing of the Past?

SUNBURY, Pa. -- When it comes to New Year's Eve celebrations, Sunbury was the place to be for many years. At the stroke of midnight, the city lit a lightbulb outside the hotel Edison on Market Street.

"I think it's really nice. I think it's nice for the community that everybody gets to go out and join and all get-together," said Emily Wywadis.

But for the second year in a row, Sunbury's New Year`s Eve celebration is canceled. Organizers say this is due to a lack of volunteers.

"I`m not gonna lose sleep over it," said Heather Rupp.

Rupp lives in Sunbury and is not surprised the celebration was canceled.

"I just don`t have the time for it and the kids don`t want to be out in the cold," said Rupp.

At least two other communities in our area had to cancel New Year's Eve celebrations for the same reason.

Beavertown usually drops a stuffed beaver at midnight and McClure drops a kettle.

Volunteers are needed to make these events happen.

"People just don`t wanna leave home I guess," said Rupp.

One community that is still doing its New Years Eve celebration is Shamokin.

"Every town has their own thing. We have a piece of coal because of Coal Township and Shamokin," said Gig Thomas.

A longtime tradition in Shamokin is dropping a piece of styrofoam coal at midnight. There are food vendors, a DJ And a large crowd of people.

"It is fun. You go out, come down and watch it and meet lots of people," said Peter Rebuck Jr. of Shamokin.

Organizers for the event in Shamokin believe it's a success thanks to the volunteers and people who support the celebration.

"You see everybody there, grandchildren and all that stuff. It`s pretty neat. Every town should have something," said Thomas.

Organizers for the events in Sunbury, Beavertown and McClure say they hope more volunteers step up next year so they can have the events again.

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