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Cost to Drive the Turnpike Going Up

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LUZERNE COUNTY, Pa. -- Starting January 6, toll increases along the Pennsylvania Turnpike will go into effect.

This is the 11th year in a row prices have gone up.

"I actually travel it pretty often. I'm in a band and I go on tour down to Georgia pretty frequently. So, we come this way all the time," said Hannah Weidner of New York.

Turnpike officials say there will be a 6% increase.

We ran some of the numbers in our area.

If you're riding from Bear Creek to the Pocono exchange there will be a 20 cent increase if you're using cash.

For a longer ride from Bear Creek to the Mid County exchange near Philadelphia there will be a 70 cent increase.

Drivers Newswatch 16 spoke with say that's quite the jump in prices.

"Every year though. It seems to be every year that it adds up and yeah it does add up. I'm getting off at the end here and I think it's $12.70. That's a lot of money. One way," said Gary Nestor of Dushore.

While some people are not fans of the increase, others don't mind as much.

"I guess even if the prices go up, as long as everything stays maintained, the rest areas are in good condition, that's what you pay for," said Jack Weidner of New York.

Turnpike officials say the increases help pay for a mandatory fee the road system pays to PennDOT to support transportation in the state.

Officials say the increase also helps maintain the turnpike but drivers don't believe that money is improving the road.

"If you saw the roads improve, the bridges improve and they were getting better, then I have no problem with the increases but the roads are just as bad as they've always been and the rates just keep going higher and higher," said Nestor,

To save money traveling on the turnpike, turnpike officials suggest you get EZPass.


  • Mark Thepoll

    I stopped using the turnpike to go from Wilkes-Barre to Allentown quite some time ago. It just isn’t worth the money to save about 20 minutes driving. Unless it is a direct rout to a destination like Delaware, I avoid the pike like the plague.

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