16 To The Rescue: Sammy and Lily

UPDATE: Sammy and Lily have been adopted.

Meet Sammy and Lily.

These senior sweeties reside at the SPCA of Luzerne County near Wilkes-Barre.

This duo came in as a trio back in February, but the third cat was adopted.

"These two are here. they are seniors, they're just sweet and mellow and they need a good home, right honey?" said Sharon Korba, volunteer.

These cats are quite social and could fit in anywhere.

"They've lived in the community room for quite a while so they do get along with other cats. They get along really well with each other and it would be very nice if they could get a home together."

Even though Sammy and Lily are around 12 years old, they still have a lot of snuggles to give.

"One of the advantages of adoption senior animals is that we already know what their personalities are like. They're not going to be tearing up your house or chewing everything up."

The SPCA of Luzerne County is offering a special adoption price on all senior animals.

"We do have our senior program. Any adopter that qualifies, who is 60 plus and any animal that is 6 plus and 6 really isn't a senior but we've gone down to give people the benefit and it's half price."

And volunteers say the more cats in your home, the merrier.

"I always think two is always better than one. They could have buddies and like I said these two get along very well and it would be wonderful if they could get a home together."

Interested in adopting Sammy and Lily? Check out the SPCA's website for more information.

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