One Dog Found, Second Still Missing After Rollover Crash in Clinton County

LOGANTON, Pa. -- A family passing through, on their way home after Christmas, is now searching for their lost dogs.

The couple from Michigan totaled their car after nearly hitting a deer on Interstate 80 near the Loganton exit. The couple is fine, but their two dogs ran away.

Now, a community-wide search is on.

Just after we left the family Thursday afternoon, one of the dogs, Jordy, the four-year-old Bulldog, was found near the crash site. Jordy was found with a gash on her head.

However, Jessica Alvarez and her boyfriend Gary plan to stay in the area as long as possible until they find their other missing dog, Nash, the Rottweiler mix.

"We swerved to miss the deer and we hit the median and rolled three times across the highway and landed in a ditch," said Jessica.

"When we saw the sunroof was broken most likely they escaped through the sunroof," added Gary.

Jessica said, "I just stood up and started screaming for the dogs. I didn't know where they were."

The couple is getting support from organizations like Where's Fido, a pet recovery service,

Just 24 hours after the crash, the couple was back along Interstate 80 searching for the dogs.

"They could be anywhere but they usually don't go too far away from the escape point and they usually keep checking back at the escape point to see if mom is waiting there for them," said Melissa Kessler form Where's Fido?

"We have people I don't even know calling my cell phone just telling me they are knocking on doors and looking," said Jessica.

Nash is still missing.

"You have to please know not the chase them and not to yell for them and not to try and grab them if you do see them you have to stay calm," explained Melissa.

"Black rottweiler mix and he is wearing a holiday collar so he doesn't name tags or anything yet because we just got him and he's wearing a black vest with reflectors,," added Jessica. "We just want the dogs that's all we care about is our family."

If you do spot Nash, professionals say don't try to chase him. You should call the family or 911 immediately for help.

Jessica Alvarez's number is (845) 548-1316.


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