Returns, Exchanges, and Gift Card Spending: Post Christmas Shopping

MUNCY TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- The toy section at Target near Muncy was filled with children just hours after Christmas day.

"We are spending our gift cards that they got for Christmas yesterday," said Amanda Applegate, Danville.

The Applegate family from Danville picked out a few of their favorite things.

"Legos, this writing doodle pad and Legos," said Applegate.

The day after Christmas is traditionally a busy one for retail stores and the service desk was busy with people making returns and exchanges.

There were also people spending gift cards they got for Christmas.

"Spend some gift card money, it doesn`t usually last long after Christmas," said Alison Farley.

The manager at Target tells Newswatch 16 there were around 80 people lined up outside the store at 7 a.m. before they opened because of sales.

All of the seasonal merchandise at Target is now 30-50% off, which has people even more excited to shop.

"I just like to browse and look and see what`s left over," said Paula Spencer, Williamsport.

Spencer wanted the first crack at the leftover wrapping paper, ornaments, and other decorations.

"I try to hit the stores to get wrapping paper and things to use next year. My kids make fun of me but that`s okay. I get a little bit off and I am ready for next year ahead of time," said Spencer.

"We`re stocking up on some good after Christmas sales, some wrapping paper, and things for next year," said Alison Farley, Hughesville.

"It`s always so expensive right before Christmas, so we could just get it and then wait until next year. It is better," said Jack and Max Panaccio, Williamsport.

The manager says they need to make room for Valentine's Day merchandise which will go out next week.

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