After Christmas Movie Theater Rush

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Newswatch 16 checked in with a local movie theater to see how busy it gets after Christmas.

Not long after Movies 14 in Wilkes-Barre opened for the day, there were lines of people waiting to catch a movie.

"I came to the movies to spend time with my sister and to watch Mary Poppins," Haylee Delaney of Plymouth said. "I haven't seen that movie in a long time so I wanted to see it."

The movie theater's assistant general manager, Nick Degnan, says after Christmas is the busiest time of year for him.

"People are just looking for something to do whether they're looking for something to do," Degnan said. "Whether with their families or to possibly escape them the day after Christmas after spending time with them. So, it's just a good activity for adults, kids."

Moviegoers tell Newswatch 16 it's a perfect family activity after a day of opening presents.

"We just decided we have to get out of the house," Becca Southworth from Florida said. "I think there is a lot of toys and a lot of cleanup that needs to be done, so this is just our way of getting out and seeing a brand new movie."

The moviegoers we spoke with said it didn't really matter what movie they were going to see, just as long as they were seeing it with their family members.

"I really like to see my family," Delaney said. "I really don't meet up with my family, like only on special occasions, birthdays."

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  • JAFO

    “I really like to see my family…I really don’t meet up with my family,”

    And one way I like to meet up with my family is to pay $11.00, sit in the dark with a bunch of strangers, and not talk with to my family for two hours.

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