Work on Ramp in Luzerne County Ahead of Schedule

PLAINS TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Good news could be coming for drivers who use the on-ramp on River Street to get on the Cross Valley Expressway. Work is ahead of schedule.

"You don't miss it until it's gone and now you have to go all the way down to Wyoming to cross," said Fred Moran of Larksville.

The ramp closed in June.

PennDOT says that ramp and the off-ramp both needed repairs which will cost around $11 million.

Work on the ramp was expected to go on through 2019 but now the project is near completion.

All that's left to do is place guide rails and paint the lines.

Businesses nearby, like Bakery Delite located down the street from the ramp, can't wait to see it reopen.

"It has definitely hurt business a little bit just because it's inconvenient for people to stop sometimes and get on and off the ramp there," said George Blom, co-owner of Bakery Delite.

Many people who need to get home after work near Wilkes-Barre have to use a detour set up on Wilkes-Barre Boulevard to get on the Cross Valley Expressway.

And George Blom says that means fewer customers for him.

"A lot of times they'll skip passing by. A lot of people stop by for a little snack or something for dinner. When it's inconvenient to get back on the Cross Valley, they'll pass it by," said Blom.

There is only one challenge that could delay the ramps reopening. PennDOT says if the weather stays below freezing for an extended amount of time, the project could be delayed.

"What they gotta do is get what they have to get done what they have to get done and open back up so these people can, you know, don't have all this traffic," said Scott Webber.

When PennDOT finishes work on the off-ramp, work will begin on the on-ramp.


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