Stevens Says: A Christmas Melody In a Christmas Song

Hello again.

For the past few weeks, like you, I have listened to songs of the season.

The old familiar Christmas tunes have come down the line to my desk and I have heard them all.

The classic music of Christmas past triggers fond memories in each of us.

We associate Jingle Bells, Silent Night, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and a host of others with times in our lives.

We see them accompanying old friends who may be gone or who we don’t hear from quite that often. We tie them to a holiday that may have been good or, and it happens, bad.

That association does all kinds of things to me and I suppose to you as well.

A particular song plays and my mind flashes back to a white christmas of many years ago, a home decorated so cheerfully on the outside, the music and laughter equally cheerful inside.

It’s my boyhood home and my family that is so cheery.

Everyone in that home at the time, save for me, is gone now, taken to wherever we go when our time is finished.

I’m saddened by that to be sure. It’s hard not to be, given the season.

Another song plays and my mind runs ahead to another winter a few years later.

A small child crawls across the floor reaching for the decorated tree in one corner.

Beneath it a small train runs and the child laughs heartily as it passes.

Truth is, I guess, that every song we hear means something, plays to a different spot in our hearts and memories especially this time of year. It’s best if we give each one a good listen. No telling when it might come again, if ever.

Have a good one, I’m Mike Stevens.




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  • 16viewer

    Mike Stevens is a current day Charles Kuralt. For those of you too young to remember Kuralt traveled the back roads of this country for CBS News for many years and did the same type of reports Stevens does, only on a national basis. Stevens has the same insight and in fact the same cadence in his voice.

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