Last Minute Rush for Holiday Shoppers in Lackawanna County

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DICKSON CITY, Pa. -- It's well before dawn and creatures were stirring at Kohl's in Dickson City.

This Kohl's, and others in the chain, were open around the clock on the weekend before Christmas.

Donna Porosky was there, long before the sun came up, knowing that last day shopping carries a risk.

"You just kind of hope and pray that you get the correct thing for the person you're getting," said Poroski.

Poroski says she is only an occasional last minute shopper. The difference this year - she's been extra busy.

For Poroski, last minute Christmas shopping was a solo sport. Some chose to do it in packs.

The Hill family visited Kohl's on Christmas Eve morning. They've been last day shoppers for more than twenty years. They believe it's easier that way.

"You're bouncing ideas off each other. You're kind of playing off each other's best, the best qualities in each other that come out that day and you really focus on finding the best gifts for your loved ones," said Greg Hill.

This isn't the Hills only stop but they do plan to be finished long before the stores get ready to close.

If you are the ultimate procrastinator, if you are really the person who likes to do things at the very last minute, Target can be the place that saved you. While most stores shut down at 6 p.m. Christmas Eve, Target stays open until 10.

Lia Bell from Elmhurst is picking up some unexpected items. Shopping on Christmas Eve is no big deal, as long as you get there early.

"I would rather go now than out on a Friday night when there is traffic. It's hard to find a parking spot and there's lines," said Bell.

And these people are not alone. According to the National Retail Federation, more than 7% of Americans finish holiday shopping on Christmas Eve.

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