Family Business Packed on Christmas Eve

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- On Christmas Eve Tony's Delicatessen and Fresh Meats in Williamsport is packed with customers hoping to buy fresh meats, cookies and cheeses for the holiday.

"We get pimento cheese spread and pies, cookies and all the good things for Christmas," said Tim Pagana.

"Most hams now and then at New Years it will be fresh pork and sauerkraut," said Willie Ulsamer of Tony's.

It takes a team to serve hundreds of customers who come here especially for their holiday meal.

"It may be busy but they have it down to a science," said Bob Beucler of Jersey Shore.

88-year-old Willie Ulsamer is used to the rush. She's been working here since she was 16 years old.

"I used to work in the kitchen but then I had a serious operation. I came out here which I like much better because I get to see all the people and most of the people I know," said Ulsamer.

After over 60 years, Willie says her customers and co-workers have become like family.

"Because they all call me Aunt Willie or Gram Willie," said Ulsamer.

"It's normal to see many friends here especially on Christmas Eve. That's what makes Christmas so special is the friends and family," said Tim Pagana.

So while it's not always easy, Willie hopes to continue working at Tony's for as long as possible.

"Maybe a year or so yet. It's up to the Lord if he gives me the blessing that I have now that I can work," said Ulsamer.

Tony's will be closed on Christmas day and on December 26 but will reopen before the end of the week.

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