Residents Without Water for Days in Blakely

UPDATE: Water was restored to residents of the Timberfalls Townhomes on Monday morning.

BLAKELY, Pa. -- Sinks full of unwashed dishes, no showers and no water - that's what people who live in the Timberfalls Townhomes are dealing with just days before Christmas.

"Don't have any water. Can't do dishes. Can't do laundry," said Stephen Mitarnowski.

"I mean, I want to take a bath and it's just not going to happen and I don't know how long it's going to take so it's really frustrating," said Eileen Thornton.

People who live in the development say they've been without running water since a main broke Friday morning in Scranton.

Pennsylvania American Water says the problem has been fixed but people at Timberfalls still don't have water.

Property management tells Newswatch 16 it's waiting for the water to be pressurized after that water main break on Friday before it can turn on the pumps in the pump house. Meanwhile, residents up the hill are having to cancel their holiday plans.

"I won't have a Christmas without water. My kids live far away except for my son and he's going to be going to his girlfriend's house for Christmas. I can't have people come down here without water. Without workable toilets, without dishes," said Carolyn Lidon.

Management says it could still be another day before the water comes back on. In the meantime, Pennsylvania American Water has supplied residents with a water tanker but it's not accessible to everyone.

"They've got water trucks there but that doesn't help the handicapped. It really doesn't and I would have never thought about that until I became one," said Lidon.

Carolyn Lidon and other residents say this problem could not have come at a worse time.

"You know Christmas, just a couple of days away, so, unfortunately, I think we may have to vacate this premises and find alternative housing and do something for the holiday until management can get their act together and restore water because this is not really habitable," said Mitarnowski.

Property management at Timberfalls tells Newswatch 16 a voice message is set up for updates.

Residents looking for the most recent information concerning their water can call 1-888-736-7691.

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  • George Lamprinos

    Why can’t these water companies spend some of their income to improve the rotting infrastructure? We see them running around fixing leaks and broken pipes. And they’re always raising rates. Is any of that rate increase used to replace outdated infrastructure? You can’t say you have a great water company if all you hear is about them fixing broken pipes. If it was a great water company you’d hear “scheduled outage due to water main upgrades”.

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