Family Hoping Gifts are Returned in Time for Christmas

TOWANDA, Pa. -- The Snell family of Towanda is trying to make sense of how someone could be so cruel before the holidays.

Two weeks ago, a sentimental gift was stolen from the front porch of their home on Watts Street.

"Monday, the UPS guy showed me where they had scanned the package and it had been delivered to our porch on December 7, but we did not receive it," said Michele Snell.

"I just did not want to believe it because bad things don't happen us. We have just had a couple of rough months here," said Michele's daughter Helen Santiago.

Inside the box were three blankets in memory of Michele's husband John who passed away in September. A family friend in the Midwest made the blankets for Michele and her two daughters by stitching together several of John's t-shirts.

"We were going to open them Christmas Eve together because this is our first year without John which is tough, and they are just gone. So we hope somebody will help us out," Michele said.

The Snell family urges whoever took that box full of one-of-a-kind blankets off of their front porch to return it, hopefully. before Christmas.

"It would be a Christmas miracle which we have not given up on. I will take Christmas in July if it takes until July. I would just love to have those back," Michele said.

The Snell family is offering a $2,000 reward to anyone who can return the three blankets.


  • straubdavid9

    And then you have people that receive other people’s packages, and when they are asked about those packages they deny they received them, even though the postman has documentation that it was delivered to them ….. is that theft? Is it legal to keep stuff that comes to your home by mistake? It’s certainly not moral in any sense of the word. Hope these people get their package back.

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