Butcher Busy with Holiday Business in Schuylkill County

NORWEGIAN TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Many are out shopping, getting everything they need to make their holiday special. For some customers in Schuylkill County, their holiday shopping isn't complete until they pay a visit to their favorite butcher shop.

Stanley Petchulis and his wife June have been making kielbasa and smoking meats at their butcher shop in Marlin for more than 50 years.

This year, he says, is like every other -- very busy as folks from all over come here to Marlin markets for meats and cheeses to serve at Christmastime.

"We're very hectic and busy," Petchulis said. "We sell about 1,200 hams during Christmastime and we supply many factories with the different hams that we deliver. Boneless hams, skinless, shankless, or the regular, we're the ones who have the old fashioned smoked ham with the hock on that grandma used to buy in the 40s."

It's not just the Christmas ham that brings people here. Everything from the main course to ingredients for homemade recipes has folks waiting for their number to be called.

"I love smoked cheese and meats. Everything's fresh, that's what's important," said Monique Fairell.

"Just a turkey today, you know the fundamental part of the meal, right?" Bill Gower said.

"I got everything already except for the cheese!" Joe Keating said.

Customers tell Newswatch 16 tradition and family are part of the reason they choose to come to Marlin Markets for their holiday meats.

"That's how we are. We love family, you know, so when you get it from here, you feel the love. You could feel the love in what they make, so that's what's important," Fairell said.

Other shoppers say they find things here they don't get anywhere else.

"It's kind of a small-town store, you know? You don't see this kind of thing. It's a lot different than shopping at, you know, your big chain stores and stuff. People remember your name and your face and that kind of thing, and like I said, you can't argue with the prices and the service," Gower added.

The owner says there's plenty of meat and cheese to go around and if you're looking for something to serve at Christmas, you can take a number at his shop until 3 p.m. on Christmas Eve.

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