Bakery in Pottsville Working to Fulfill Christmas Orders

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- With Christmas right around the corner, the ovens at Momma Millies Bakery in Pottsville have barely had a chance to cool down.

Owner Mildred Kennedy, also known as Momma Millie, wasn't kidding about being busy. She's in the process of fulfilling around 500 orders of baked goods before Christmas.

"We're averaging 12 to 14-hour days, myself and my baker," Kennedy said. "Everybody plays a part in keeping that door open. if You walk in and buy a dozen cookies, you're as special to me as the person that just spent 500 dollars."

During this holiday season, Momma Millie's famous treats have been sent as far west as Montana, as far south as Texas, and even north of the border to Canada.

Customers in Schuylkill County say they keep coming back.

"I think Momma Millie's personality, the friendliness invited people to come back," Lucy Portland said.

"We've been coming here for years, and they're so nice. It's like a family-owned business. That's what's nice about it. They treat you like your family," Traci Thomas said.

Momma Millie says she's looking forward to catching up on sleep after her orders are all wrapped up.

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