16 To The Rescue: Rusty

UPDATE: Rusty has been adopted.

SOUTH ABINGTON TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Rusty is a 3-to-5-year-old pit bull mix at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit. Rusty has been here since September.

"He's a super lovable boy that knows a lot of commands," said shelter worker Amy Torba. "He does really well with people."

This boy has a lot of spunk and would thrive with a family of the same nature.

"The best kind of home would be one with children, a very active family, a family that has a lot of time to walk him and run with him and throw the ball around and lay on the couch at the end of the night and watch Netflix."

Rusty plays with other pooches, but please, no cats.

"If you have dogs, we always recommend a meet and greet, which is always the best option to kind of figure out which dogs they're going to interact with the best."

Rusty is not afraid to get up close and personal with people.

"He has a lot of personality. You saw when you guys came in, he wanted to get to know you a little bit, wasn't really shy or intimidated," Torba said.

Workers tell us rusty doesn't show well in the kennel.

"His face draws you in but when you go towards the kennel, like any dog that we find here, they're a little bit afraid, they're temperamental. They really just want to get out of the cage, so he may be coming to the cage barking trying to get your attention but you're assuming it's an aggressive trait. it's really not."

They encourage people to come up to the shelter and meet him outside of that.

"When you get him in a different environment like when he had free run of the community room, he was a totally different dog. He was lovable, he wanted to go to everybody, anybody that had a treat in their pocket he was willing to kind of hang out with you," Torba said. "He's really, really a sweet dog. Just give him a chance outside of the kennel, take him outside, take him for a walk. We have trails and runs and all those kind of things where you can interact with him and really see him flourish."

If you're interested in adopting Rusty,  get more information here.

Click here for additional resources for pet adoption.

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