Shelter Seeking Help Caring for Rescued Animals

COOPER TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Dozens of animals rescued from a property in central Pennsylvania are now safe at a shelter, but that place now needs your help.

Humane officers removed 118 animals from a home in Centre County this week; many of them are considered livestock.

About a dozen of those animals are now being cared for at a shelter in Montour County.

The rescues include mini horses, mini donkeys, pigs, and alpacas.

The place was housing animals moved from the now-defunct Heaven on Earth Rescue in Northampton County.

"We ended up with, I think we have 12 here. Lots of mini horses, donkeys, we have a pig, so that kind of all just happened all at once," said SPCA worker Shaylin Martin.

The Danville-area shelter is one of the only SPCAs in the state that can take in farm animals. The shelter is currently caring for horses, mini horses, mini donkeys, a pig, and an alpaca related to this case.

For animal cruelty cases, the SPCA never turns down animals, so in an instance like this when more than 100 animals come in at once, it gets expensive.

"These guys mainly, they're on hay, so if anybody knows anyone that can donate hay for us that would be great," Martin said.

The former owner of the animals faces nearly 50 criminal charges. Some of the animals will be up for adoption.

The PSPCA is asking for donations of hay and cash to help with the cost.

Some of the animals will be available for adoption.


  • Joan Fox

    as i was watching news broadcast, only thing the property owner was being accused of was housing too many animals in township which was against their regulations. Animals appear to be happy and healthy. why can’t we quit wasting valueable tax payers money. and concentate on animals being negelected and abused. OH and maybe we should start caring about human trafficing and sex abusers. just saying

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