Power To Save: A Year of Savings

This week we look back on some of our most memorable power to save segments.

Let's start in Wayne County where, four years ago, a group of seventh graders in the Wayne Highlands School District started a food composting program. it was originally just a project for a Lackawanna College environmental program. Four years later, and you get the rocket composter.

"It is one-of-a-kind in Pennsylvania and this region. We're proud to say we're the only school in the area that has something like this," said teacher Dave Wacker.

In June, we met Kay Stanton in Sugarloaf Township. Stanton is a self-proclaimed product of the Depression, she finds ways to recycle and reuse everything.

"I make rugs out of grocery store bags for camping, soap out of lard, pots out of towels," Stanton laughed.

She transforms used hand and bath towels into bowls through a process called hypertufa. By dipping the towels into a plaster-like substance and allowing the towels to harden, she then shapes them into bowls and paints them, turning the hypertufa into beautiful decorative pieces.

In July, it was a trip to Schuylkill County that brought us to memory artist Trina Schellhammer. Trina's business, the Green Snail, focuses on turning the clothes of loved ones who are no longer with us into tasteful crafts. She makes these unique creations with antique treadle machines.

"It's hard to donate sometimes with those special items because you don't want to see someone walking around with your dad's shirt," Schellhammer said.

Last winter, we hit the slopes at Elk Mountain in Susquehanna County to find out how the snowmaking team can cut costs. Making snow is one of the biggest expenses any ski resort faces. It turns out the secret to savings, is in the water.

"If we can drop our water temperature by five degrees and increase our efficiency by 10 to 15 percent, that makes a significant difference for us," said general manager Gregg Confer.

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