GoFundMe to Build Trump’s Border Wall Raises More Than $1M in Two Days

With political parties at an impasse over the billions of dollars necessary to fund President Trump’s proposed border wall, a Florida veteran decided to launch a GoFundMe campaign – in just two days donations surpassed the $1.9 million mark, as of Wednesday evening.

Brian Kolfage, 37, created the fundraiser titled “We The People Will Fund The Wall,” which has a $1 billion goal.

Kolfage is a senior airman who lost three limbs while fighting  in Iraq in 2004, according to his website. He now works as a motivational speaker and shared his verified Facebook page in the campaign’s description to verify his identity.

“As a veteran who has given so much, 3 limbs, I feel deeply invested to this nation to ensure future generations have everything we have today,” Kolfage wrote. “It’s up to Americans to help out and pitch in to get this project rolling.”

Kolfage claims he says he has been contacted by the Trump Administration and has “very high-level contacts already helping.”

With the shutdown looming, a bill passes

The Senate passed a stop-gap spending bill on Wednesday night in an effort to keep the government funded and prevent a partial shutdown at the end of the week.

A shutdown hasn’t been averted just yet: The measure will still need to be approved by the House of Representatives and signed by President Donald Trump before it can take effect.

But the Senate’s passage of the short-term measure brings Washington one step closer to staving off a shutdown of some key federal agencies, set to expire at midnight on Friday, just days before Christmas.

Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have made clear they don’t want a shutdown, but had been at an impasse over the President’s demand for $5 billion in funding for his long-promised wall at the US-Mexico border.

Democrats have made clear that figure is a non-starter for them and any spending bill would need at least some Democratic votes to pass in the Senate.

Of course, no spending measure is final until the President signs it.

But on Tuesday, the White House appeared to step away from the brink of a shutdown.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Tuesday morning during an interview with Fox News that, “We have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion (for a border wall).”

Members of the conservative House Freedom Caucus and other conservative allies of the President plan to give brief speeches on the House floor Wednesday night, however, urging Trump not to abandon his quest for border wall funding.

They include: Mark Meadows of North Carolina, Jim Jordan of Ohio, Paul Gosar of Arizona, Steve Pearce of New Mexico, Jody Hice of Georgia, Ralph Norman of South Carolina, Andy Biggs of Arizona and Morgan Griffith of Virginia.

Despite opposition from the Freedom Caucus, however, the House should still have the votes to still pass the continuing resolution, assuming most, if not all, Democrats support it, since it has Pelosi’s blessing.

But even as members of the Freedom Caucus are poised to urge Trump not to abandon his quest for border wall funding, White House officials say it’s likely the President will do just that — and sign a short-term spending bill to avert a partial government shutdown.

The President has been unusually quiet about the issue on Wednesday, holding his tongue as some conservative commentators and lawmakers blast him for abandoning his commitment.

But two White House aides said the President likely has no choice but to sign a temporary funding measure to keep the government open until February 8. The aides say the White House is intentionally not signaling what Trump will do, but there does not appear to be talk inside the West Wing of blocking it.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway hinted earlier that Trump is leaning this way when she told reporters at the White House the President will “take a look at” the continuing resolution, though she attempted to frame any punt as something other than a concession from the White House.

All this comes a week after the President said he’d be “proud” to shut down the government, so delaying the funding fight until Democrats retake the House next year is a fairly clear concession — and a risky one. Although Republicans clearly don’t have the votes to support his request.

CNN Wire contributed to this report.


  • Godot@GAB.com👌🏻🐸 (@PhilCracken1)

    Democrats are going to the mattresses to leave our southern border undefended while crapping all over Americans who disagree with them. Democrats literally care more about foreigners than their own constituents. They prefer to import voters than to win votes by representing existing citizens will. The Republicans aren’t too far behind either. The MSM has done a bang-up job telling the brainwashed NPCs where to focus their 2 minutes of hate while preaching against hatred. I put my $80 in for the wall. The tax cut I received saved me that in just about every paycheck. Let’s get this done people.

  • DC Ump

    Really hard to believe any American will pony up money that will be controlled by a Trump operative after the Southern District of New York exposed the Trump’s used their charity organization as a personal ATM for portraits and sports memorabilia , the way Trump lies he can’t be trusted with anyone’s money including the American tax payers.

    • jimbrony

      Speaking of lies, did you like your doctor? Did you get to keep him/her? Good thing they’re investigating Trump and not the Clintons. Their chances of staying alive are pretty good. They just better make sure they have no skeletons in the closet.

  • J (@ds18301)

    Funny how uninformed people have been successfully whipped into a froth about folks who are “invading” so they might have a chance to pick your lettuce and clean trump’s golden toilet. But no one says a word about the Russian operative who has invaded the Oval Office and has put this country in danger of facing extinction.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      Prove that President Trump is a “Russian operative”. I’d love to hear your evidence, and I anxiously await your reply.

    • jimbrony

      Funny how seditious traitors such as yourself have no problem adding more people to the welfare roles and prisons, all the while adding more burden to the working man and woman. Oh, we already have enough people to pick lettuce and scrub toilets. They’re called documented workers or US citizens.

  • jimbrony

    Why is it that EVERY time a bleeding-heart liberal says ‘Orange Man Bad’ or ‘there’s better ways of doing things’ – when honestly and earnestly challenged for more information – it’s either *crickets* or the same old rhetoric that’s been disproven over and over?

  • Bob Stevens

    Over 5.3 million at this time, love all the $1776 donations! America First! Safe and secure. Resist globalism and tyranny.

  • Sean Christian Homes

    Yeah, if the money is raised, will it be enough to do it? Democrats are disgusting.. Big talk on terrorism and they leave the southern border unprotected. Democrats also talk about background check for guns but not people strollin to the country? hypocrisy… Any democrat reading this should question their vote. The border should be an easy one for democrats to support. NOT to stop immigration but to enforce it that’s all. You want good people, not fugitives, notcriminals, not drugs, not illegal activity

    • J C

      Well Sean, many Democrats think its “disgusting” that a demographic of small-minded racists would rather see $5 billion of our tax dollars squandered on a coyote urinal in the desert rather than helping to fund all of the things we are lacking in our country compared to other first -world nations. Its quite disgusting that we are ALL one accident or illness away from bankruptcy and our government refuses to allocate our tax dollars toward a first-rate healthcare option, yet has $5 billion to funnel toward some kind of symbolic concrete monument honoring FOX News propaganda that immigrants and asylum seekers are a bigger problem than they really are. Are any of these idiots aware of the vast array of technology that exists today, that could accomplish border security in a much more efficient and cost-effective manner? We don’t need a stupid $5 billion dollar concrete wall. It makes you wonder whose pocket is Trump lining with this initiative… who are his friends in the concrete and steel industry, etc…

      • Silverfish Imperetrix

        When 5000 people try to storm our border carrying the flag of their country, it’s what’s known as an ‘invasion’. You, and other people that think like you, are known as ‘idiots’.

      • jimbrony

        So, what are the alternatives? I’m sure injured CBP agents would love to know what they are. They’ll probably bring no peace to the families of CPB agents killed in the line of duty though. Fund the wall, build the wall.

      • jimbrony

        Curious-were you as passionate and outraged when Obama allowed Iran access to $5.7B US with the nuclear deal? Not that it matters…

      • Bob Stevens

        JC: nice false narrative and MSM talking points, the people are tired of the left and globalist destroying this country. We need a secure nation before we can fix other issues. All the money saved by getting rid of the illegals and welfare state can be used to improve healthcare, oh and btw, Obamacare isn’t a right like the 1st, 2nd and 4th that the dems attack daily.

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