Game Commission Will Not Euthanize Bear in Lycoming County Attack

MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa.  -- A representative for the Pennsylvania Game Commission has announced that they will not euthanize the bear that attacked a woman in Lycoming County earlier this month.

Melinda Lebarron of Muncy Creek Township was attacked by a bear while outside her home with her dog.

Lebarron was dragged more than 80 yards and suffered broken bones and deep wounds as a result of the attack.

The representative tells Newswatch 16 they will not euthanize the bear if trapped.

Officials say the decision was made because they will likely not know if the bear captured would be the bear involved in the attack in Lycoming County.


  • burtfan16

    Finally, somebody came to their senses not to kill a bear. I hope the woman heals up just fine. If she didn’t realize it before I assume she realizes it now that there are bears around her property. She has to be more vigilant especially with her dog, food scraps, garbage etc. I would also suggest some bear mace be made handy.

  • donny hud43987

    Then the bear is going to do it again!!! When the bear attacks somebody else, and they can prove it’s the same bear, The Game Commission should be held accountable!

    • straubdavid9

      The only reason I’m disagreeing with you is because of a lack of any detail. What was she doing? What was her dog doing? Was it a sow with cubs? What was the total nature of this encounter? A sow will do what sow’s do if they feel threatened in any manner. This may be the only encounter this bear will have with people that triggers it’s flight or fight mechanism. Many people that have been attacked by wild animals know that they are at fault, but won’t own up to it. People approach these large animals thinking they are some kind of “Gentle Ben”, or they just want to get closer to them because they are just so darn cute. If you’ve been around long enough, you will see the crazy things people do when seeing large critters ….. especially in our National Parks. I’m not assuming this woman was doing anything more than just walking her dog …. but I don’t know that. Do you? I wish we had more answers ….. I don’t like seeing animals put down unnecessarily. If there is justification, then …. by all means.

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