Feeding Families at Christmas

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- More than 1,000 families got the ingredients to a holiday meal Thursday in Scranton thanks to the Friends of the Poor.

The organization says the need is growing and is looking to expand its meal giveaway program into the summer months for 2019.

Whether your Christmas celebration is for just a few people or many, Friends of the Poor has it covered.

At St. Mary's Center in Scranton, the organization handed out turkeys and ham and all the fixings for a family meal for Christmas.

Friends of the Poor had food for 1,400 families in need, a little more than last year.

"It's just a crazy time of year, with your utilities being increased, you need warm clothing, all of these basic things that many of us don't think twice about. And then to add a meal on top of that, which might be an extra $75, that maybe some people don't have," said Friends of the Poor worker Meghan Loftus.

Friends of the Poor gives out meals for Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. This year, the organization is hoping to raise enough money to be able to do this during the summertime, too.

Folks there on Thursday know that the need never really goes away.

"It helps a lot, I mean, what you get here I can eat for a week, you know, it helps," Carol Yesavage said.

"It helps me out a lot, every little bit helps. And without the help here, I don't know what people would do. It's very, very helpful," Jody Brown said.

But, for now, providing a Christmas dinner fills more than just stomachs.

"It's the food, but it's also, we just want families to have a nice Christmas, worry about one less thing and really bond with each other," Loftus added.


  • Dicky Ball

    Socialistic hand outs, in lieu of self reliance and respectability. Yet, there’s ample amounts of capital in their coffers for alcohol, tobacco products and illicit drugs. You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime. With our bought and paid for puppet career criminal politicians and a crony chamber of commerce that shields Lackawanna County from prospective employers settling here, this lagging county shall remain a depressed region. Do for self. Have you no shame?

  • Dicky Ball

    Vote for Colonel Bernie Sanders, so you can get everything for free or vote for Cumala Harris, so the government can give you 6k, you can blow it and ask for more free money. Government dependency is not the answer and neither is the socialistic democratic FAILED agenda. Hope and change, NOT silly dopes.

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