Car Dealerships Give Navy Vet New Car

SCRANTON, Pa. -- After a mother fell on hard times, car dealerships decided to pitch in and give her a new set of wheels.

From the look on Kim Power's face, you could tell a car was on her Christmas list, but inside Toyota of Scranton, she would call a 2010 Hyundai Elantra a big holiday surprise.

"They kind of explained there was something going on but nobody was going to tell me. They were going to keep it a secret and I walk in and there is a nice shiny car," Powers said.

The car was part of Operation Keep the Promise from the organization Veteran's Promise. The nonprofit veterans group based in Dickson City tries to help vets in need throughout our area.

Kim Powers is a U.S. Navy veteran and her teenage daughter Mackenzie suffers from a rare liver disease. For months, she has been driving back and forth to Philadelphia for treatments.

"We had some truck issues and the truck broke down and this is the most ideal timing. The next appointment is in two weeks, and two days ago I didn't know how I was going to get there," Powers said.

The folks at Bonner Chevrolet in Kingston and Toyota of Scranton came together to give Powers a gift so she could take care of her family.

"To get the phone call and to be able to do this right before Christmas and to see the look on Kim's face when we gave her the car was priceless," said Pat Rogers, CFO of Toyota of Scranton.

"This is terrific, and it is a perfect example that it is better to give than receive. We are so thrilled at Bonner Chevrolet to be a part of it," said Rich Crossin, president of Bonner Chevrolet.

"For it to match your daughter's favorite color and for it to be newer than the old vehicle was it just fits into place," Powers said.

The next time Kim Powers takes her daughter to Philadelphia, it'll be in her new car and on that and every trip she makes, she'll be filled with gratitude.


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