Scranton School Board Votes to Raise Property Taxes

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Property taxes in Scranton will be going up.

The tax hike comes after the Scranton School Board voted Wednesday night to approve its 2019 budget.

The $166 million spending plan calls for a 3.6 percent hike in property taxes. That works out to about $46 a year for the average homeowner.

Even with the hike, the budget still has a deficit of about $3.6 million.

To make up the shortfall in the budget, the district says it plans to borrow money.

The budget does not call for any layoffs.

This all comes on the heels of a scathing report from the state into how the district handled its finances in the past.


  • 715209pa

    What are schools spending their money on? Sports takes up a huge portion I’d bet, with the average cost of a football uniform costing $ 800 A helmet alone is $400 and new uniforms every couple of years. Now factor in artificial turf OT for cops, lighting, transportation, coaches salaries, medical, teachers that work the scoring booths and tables. Thats just football.
    School reading,writing,and arithmetic.
    Wake up we are 20th in the world in education and falling yet we spend more then any other country.

    • Brian Demeter

      The majority of the shortfall is due to increases in pension liabilities, benefit costs and mandatory raises. Pennsylvania is over $100 billion in debt due to unfunded pension liabilities and every year the debt goes up. That’s where the money is going – not to helmets, uniforms or astroturf. Not even to new schools since those are financed over a long period of time with bonds. We need pension reform. Taxpayers need to educate themselves on the real cause of our ever increasing debt and we need to start voting for people who are willing to take on the unions and reform the pension plan to a defined contribution plan like the private sector.

      We are 20th in the world in education because we concentrate more on funding pensions than we do giving our children the best possible education for the taxpayers dollar.

  • someguy2018

    high property taxes, high gas taxes, high income taxes. It is like they are elected by people who don’t drive, don’t work or own homes….

  • albertcohol

    Scranton needs more KOZ areas, more tax free non profits and the county to take over more buildings like the Globe.

    Then they can tell us that it’s for our best interest.

  • J C

    Too bad nobody is interested in opening high speed rail commuter lines to NYC. If Scranton made it possible for people to live here yet work in the city and get paid a NYC salary, many of those vacant properties would be filled and our tax base would be much larger and more sustainable. What was the issue with that? People were afraid NYC “problems” would infiltrate NEPA?…haha…seriously?

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      “High speed rail” means ‘never-ending democrat money pit’ since the one in California has worked out so well. Where do you think money like that will come in an area like this? The economy around here has been on life support for nearly 40 years, and there’s still no end in sight. Write Sleepy Bobby with your idea – I’m sure someone will wake him up and he’ll get right on it. In the meantime I suggest that you move to California where you’ll fit right in with the rest of the idiotic progtards.

  • Frank Scavo

    Senator Blake thought it was more important to tell you that I own apartment buildings tell you that property taxes will go up buy 1/2 billion dollars a year in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. And yes that includes Scranton. and this is without the new teacher’s contract that’s up for negotiations. I spent $25,000 of my own money to tell Scranton residents there is a better way to fund education … which was Senate Bill 76. Looks like you’ll have to wait until 2022 when I run again…. Maybe you’ll make a better decision then. 52% of the voters enjoy higher property taxes, and 38% voted for me. The story in Old Forge will be the same and every school district in Lackawanna County last year had a tax increase. This year will be no different. The funny thing is, when will Educators, those that teach our children what they know, realize you can’t fund education which Senators that don’t fund education properly and put it on the backs of a shrinking property value base. As history shows, this is a recipe for disaster that the wizardous voters continue to use year after year

    • Frank Scavo

      Sorry for the typos , between spell check and the small screen there are a few. But it doesn’t matter much what you get your new property tax bill… Those are hard earned dollars that will be going out of your budget

  • lickerblisters

    I get depressed just driving by on 81 when I look down into Scranton. I couldn’t imagine waking up everyday in that sh#thole! But the surrounding garbage mountains do give the city a nice backdrop.

  • Nick Parise

    Time to empty the seats at the SSB. We need people who represent the tax payers not the teachers. They need funding …empty out the Admin Bldg…there’s a million setting there doing nothing. Its nice too have everything but someone has to pay for it. The tax payers of Scranton have paid enough and are sick of it.

  • RoynBeckie Jensen

    How many Scranton residents voted for Scott Wagner for Governor in our last PA election? Scott promised to ELIMINATE school property taxes! So if you voted for Wolf, don’t complain when your district continues to raise these property taxes and then forecloses on homes of the elderly and other hardpressed citizens when they can’t pay these taxes! Government should never seize personal homes and property simply because of lack of ability to pay exhorbanent school taxes because these boards don’t know how to do a budget.

    • Silverfish Imperetrix

      That’s how Wolf got elected the first time – promising to eliminate property taxes. In other words, he lied through his teeth.

    • Frank Scavo

      I wasted $25,000 of my own money trying to convince everyone that should have Bill 76 would bring increased development, end property taxes and finally fund School District properly … I guess the people love being punished by increasing property taxes, as the 25 Grand I spent was wasted

  • donny hud43987

    I’m so glad I moved out of Scranton in 2001! The best thing I ever did in my life!!! ITS CAVING IN!!!!! , AND ITS ONLY GONA KEEP GETTING WORSE!!!

  • donald fox

    Yeah keep raising taxes for what… the Scranton school system sucks!!! Make it to where more property owners either raise peoples rent more or lets have more properties foreclosed on due to people not being able to afford the house anymore. I am so sick of taxes jumping up to fatten the pockets of the rich.

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