Proposed Dog Park for Pottsville

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- At the end of Peacock Street in Pottsville sits a park. There's a play set with some swings, but the basketball court is littered with leaves. The backboards are rusty, and for the most part, the park is unoccupied.

There's movement in the city to make this place an attractive destination for people and their dogs.

"We could have a world-class dog park right at the end of Peacock Street and it'll change the dynamics of that street," said Scott Greis, owner of Heaven & Earth Salon and Spa on Centre Street in Pottsville.

At a recent city council meeting, Greis proposed the idea of bringing a dog park to the city, something this area doesn't have.

"We're fortunate here in Pottsville. We have a lot of diverse opportunities for people to enjoy themselves outdoors. And this would be one more piece of that puzzle to allow people to come out and enjoy recreation themselves and allow their animals to do the same," said city administrator Thomas Palamar.

"I think it's going to be peaceful. I think it's a pretty spot. There's a river that runs through it. I see it as more of a Zen kind of feel," Greis added.

Greis is currently putting a committee together to try and obtain grant money for the project. Dog owners from the area say they support the idea.

"I think it could add some positive energy. People can get out and socialize with their animals," said Michelle Hammer.

City officials add it's possible a dog park could be up and running on Peacock Street by the summer of 2019.

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