Holiday Tipping: Who and How Much?

MONTOURSVILLE, Pa. -- It's less than one week until Christmas, and many of us are checking the last few names off our gift giving lists. But when it comes to Christmas presents, we tend to forget some of the people who are most obvious.

Bill Garber has been a mail carrier for 15 years and doesn't expect a holiday tip but says it's nice.

"Some people do gift cards and some people do give cash and snacks and cookies and treats like that," Garber said.

When it comes to making people feel pretty, the staff at Denise's Shear Perfection in Montoursville has it covered. The stylists tell us when it comes to holiday tips, it depends on people's family situations.

"A lot of us rely on tips as well. Although we don't expect it, but etiquette-wise, it is part of the industry," Tami Jean Lowe said.

"Some people go way above and beyond giving gift certificates and extra," Colette Hickman said.

While you and I like to look our best this time of year, so do our four-legged friends. The staff at Spot-On Pet Salon near South Williamsport is busy. While they don't expect tips, people are generous.

"Some give a little bit more. Some give gifts, candy, cookies, homemade," Jane Fink said.

Right next door at Duboistown Garage you may not think to tip your mechanic, but these guys appreciate the holiday goodies they get.

"We get cookies. We get milk, coffee, donuts, brownies, fudge. I love fudge," Frank Page said.

It can also be a thankless job being a trash collector. Any tips you can give will go a long way.

All the professionals we spoke with say holiday tips are not expected, but holiday tips are a privilege and make them feel appreciated.

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