Fire Causes Power Outage in Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- A fire caused a power outage at Penn College in Williamsport.

It happened just before 1 p.m. Wednesday in the area of First and Maynard streets.

Crews say a fuse blew on one of the power lines causing some trees to catch fire.

Penn College, as well as some homes in the neighborhood, lost power for a time, but no one was hurt.

Officials in Williamsport say an electrical issue is to blame.


  • freedomfreedomfreedomfreedom

    Look into smart meter hazards and how they can cause serious electrical problems that result in fires.
    To bad our wonderful legislature signed into law a no opt out of smart meters in the state of Pennsylvania. We are only second to D C. Who have no opt out clause . Every other state you the homeowner can opt out. I think the people should have a say on what goes on their homes. But not here in PA.
    Communism at its finest.

    • jimbrony

      Wow, you’re so enlightened. You must be really educated to deduce from this article that the fire started from a smart meter. Meanwhile – back in sane people-land – nobody cares about smart meters.

      • jimbrony

        Let me guess: You think the earth is flat, the moon landings were fake, fluoride is poison in the water, and airliners are spraying things in the air too?

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