Holiday Shopping Downtown in Williamsport

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- With more and more holiday shoppers going online, businesses in downtown Williamsport are finding ways to continue to draw people back to their shops.

Many employees tell us they will go the extra mile for their customers. It's something they say keeps people coming back to buy.

Downtown Williamsport is decorated for the holidays and so are many of the storefronts.

The week before Christmas, it's likely you'll find Michael T. Roan at his business, The Madd Potter, in downtown Williamsport. Aside from Little League week, this is the busiest time for his pottery and rocks and mineral store. It's why he plans to stay open late this week.

"The week before Christmas is when I try to be open as much as possible to catch everyone, and it does well," said Roan.

"I was out and about and realized I could come down here and go to a few shops in downtown Williamsport and support the local businesses," said Joseph Orso.

Orso stopped by Gustonian Gifts. Employees hope holiday sales will draw customers in. They're also wrapping gifts for free.

"Especially for me, you know, wrapping is not my forte, so it just cuts out the tragedy in that," Orso said.

"I'm late Christmas shopping as you can see by the date, but this place really inspires me. I can almost always find something for everybody," Richard Butcher said.

Butcher has already done some of his Christmas shopping online. He made a special trip from Sunbury to come to Otto's Bookstore.

"It's pretty easy to shop online and sometimes you can get a better price, but if you're looking for inspiration, a place like this is the best," Butcher said.

"People want to support local small businesses, and we have a lot of them down here," Roan added.

The Madd Potter and several of the other stores on West Fourth in Williamsport will have extended hours leading up to Christmas.

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