Cubs Manager Joe Maddon Brings Star Power to Hazleton

HAZLETON, Pa. -- Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon was back in his hometown of Hazleton on Friday evening.

And once again Maddon did not skimp on the star power.

NFL Hall of Famer Joe "Willie" Namath joined Maddon at his annual Around The Horn fundraiser.

It raises money for the Hazleton Integration Project and the Hazleton One Community Center.

Maddon started the community center as a way to bring different social and ethnic groups together.

"When I grew up here it was warm and fuzzy man. I felt protected I felt nurtured and I felt man this is the best place on earth and I want that for the kids again in this community and it's not going to happen unless we all pull from the same end of the rope," said Maddon.

"Joe helps a lot of other people I know here at Hazleton, old Broad Street, he's doing a good job helping out the community, helping to bring a togetherness to town, to the community, and I'm here to help out too," said Namath.


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