Annual Christkindl Market Underway in Mifflinburg

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MIFFLINBURG, Pa. -- Market Street in Mifflinburg is lined with hundreds of shops and stands, most of them selling traditional German foods and crafts just in time for the holiday.

With the smell of strudel in the air, it's easy to tell the 30th annual Christkindl Market is underway.

"I've been coming to the Christkindl mart since I can remember because it's a German tradition. And now I work here," Kenneth Mitstifer said.

Taking a walk around Christkindl Market has become something of a tradition for Kenneth Mitstifer. He was born in Germany.

"The food, I love it so much."

This is Jeff Kaylor's first time at Christkindle Market. His first stop was lunch.

An air force veteran, Kaylor says many of the stands remind him of his time stationed in Germany.

"The candle, the thing turns and whatever, a lot of the foods are over here that I have eaten over there as well. It's nice coming back, at least I didn't have to travel as far this time," Kaylor said.

Christkindl Market is free, but donations are welcome

"This is our second year here together, yeah, it's enjoyable. We like getting out seeing all the crafts," Brandi Bobb said.

Brandi Bobb brought her 2-year-old son Nicco to the street market. That's where they met Jolly Old St. Nick.

St. Nickolas makes his way around the festival and if you're lucky, he will give you a gold coin.

"It's Christkindl, right? No, it was great. I wasn't expecting a gift from him," Bobb said.

Christkindl Market continues until Saturday evening in Mifflinburg.

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