16 To The Rescue: Carmone

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Carmone is a 5-year-old Rottweiler mix at Griffin Pond Animal Shelter near Clarks Summit.

"He came to us back in May and he came with his sister who was adopted out but he's still here," said shelter worker Jeff Polanin.

Carmone was recently adopted from the shelter but was returned.

"He's a friendly dog but he can be selective of men. He's definitely more of a lady's man, so any men looking to adopt will just have to come meet him and develop that relationship with him."

Workers tell us Carmone will need a family with patience, and one that will give him slow introductions when meeting new people.

"He's really lovey and friendly with the people that he gets to know, as you saw in the run. He loves playing fetch and getting petted and getting treats, so as long as you develop that relationship with him, he's a great dog."

They also recommend a home with older kids. Other pets are a possibility.

"If there's a single woman who's interested in adopting that would probably be his best fit. Any other dogs or cats we would need to do meet and greets and cat testing just to make sure that everything is OK with that," Polanin said.

Carmone is fairly active. When we were there, he couldn't get enough of the ball.

"He'll play fetch all day. If you keep throwing the ball, he'll keep going to get it," Polanin added. "As much as he loves the kennel staff here. he needs a home of his own."

If you're interested in adopting Carmone,  get more information here.

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