‘A lot of black bears in the area’ – Game Commission Investigates Lycoming County Bear Attack

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MUNCY CREEK TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Game wardens are trying to figure out why a bear attacked and seriously injured a woman in Lycoming County.

Investigators say the woman was outside her home with her dog when the bear grabbed her leg and dragged her more than 80 yards.

Friends say Melinda Lebarron suffered broken bones and deep wounds as a result of the bear attack Wednesday night outside Muncy.

Lebarron survived but is listed in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center.

The attack happened Wednesday around 6:45 p.m.

"We're looking into the circumstances of how that occurred, why that occurred, and trying to identify the particular bear that may have been involved," said Game Warden Chris Krebs.

According to the Pennsylvania Game Commission, Lebarron was outside with her dog when the bear attacked.

Game Warden Chris Krebs believes a black bear dragged Lebarron approximately 88 yards. She was able to get away and call for help. The Game Commission is investigating why the bear attacked.

"Pennsylvania's rifle deer season just ended and there were deer parts in close proximity," Krebs said.

The warden set a trap to capture the bear and will euthanize it once caught. According to the Game Commission, Lycoming County is part of Pennsylvania's core black bear range.

"Black bears are very common in the area and there are a lot of black bears in the area."

Game wardens point out black bears don't often attack people unless there is some kind of motivation for an attack. Usually, they are more of a nuisance.

Neighbor Jim Bieber says he almost got attacked a few years ago.

"That thing came right up to me, stood right up, makes you think a little bit. They're a pretty good size," Beiber said.

Game wardens say the best way to prevent bears from coming around is to take away food sources from outside your house.

"Take efforts to secure things like household garbage. You want to avoid bird feeding if you have bears in the area," Krebs added.

Lebarron is listed in critical condition at Geisinger Medical Center near Danville. Friends say her dog also needs surgery.

There is a GoFundMe page set up for Lebarron.


  • Peter McCaffrey

    Investigating is finding the truth behind this story…My question, Why was the lady walking her dog without a leash especially knowing she lives in bear country and the dog will chase the bear if it sees it…It is natural instinct for a mama bear to want to protect her cubs when she feels they are being threaten and that’s what this woman and her dog did, they threaten the cubs. So now because of the woman’s stupidity, They want to euthanize the bear and orphan the cubs… In the season I have bear and cubs encounters just about everyday… I know the distance to stay from them and I know not to have my dog off a leash…Black bears are not aggressive creatures unless provoked or feel there in danger… I really hate the news media how they portray the black bear as a dangerous animal when it’s the people that are more dangerous then the bear..

  • Ray Sheridan

    I am a hunter and if they had Deer parts laying around its there own fault. The bear would just be defending a kill. They should just relocate this bear and not kill it. Humans just are not very smart when it comes to wild animals, and now the bear has to lose its life because of the stupidity of the human.

  • James Haluska Jr

    I am no PETA person, but we are encroaching on their turf, not the other way around. And given that this woman took her dog out, who probably spooked the bear when it started barking at it (which the dog no doubt did), and the woman probably did something stupid (like trying to scare the bear off to prevent it from attacking the dog or coming at the bear to get the dog), it is little wonder why the bear attacked.

    But yet, this bear is going to be put down for what it does on instinct. That ain’t right. If you live in an area that you can have wild animals around, use a bit more caution. You never know what you may encounter.

  • donny hud43987

    I hope she’s okay, wow! I see them a lot where I live as well, the game commission should make bear season year round!

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