Young Business Owners Investing in Pottsville

POTTSVILLE, Pa. -- The city of Pottsville has dealt with economic troubles in the past, but a positive trend is starting to become more and more noticeable throughout the city. Young adults are not only launching but maintaining successful businesses downtown.

Business owners identified Pottsville as a city that is cost friendly, a place where their businesses could grow and thrive. They also see a lot of potential in that part of Schuylkill County.

"Young people provide a vibrancy to the community that is necessary. There's a certain amount of disposable income that they have as well. We want them to make money and spend money here," city administrator Thomas Palamar said.

More and more young professionals are investing in businesses in Pottsville, like Abby Weaver and her husband Bobby. Over the weekend, they just opened up a new coffee shop on Mahantongo Street called Pressed Coffee and Books.

"I think there's a lot of strong community support that people haven't even tapped into yet. There are people that are excited about new things. And as long as those new things are coming, they're ready to support it, and it's awesome," Abby Weaver said.

Stephanie Premich owns Mud and Maker Pottery Studio. She invested in the building seven years ago in her early 20s and has seen lots of growth since.

"It's such a great place to live and work," Premich said. "You're close to a lot of major cities, but you're not paying those high prices of living in the city. You're close enough for a day's drive to go and do things, too."

The business owners we spoke with acknowledge this trend is in its infant stages, but maintain a vision for what they want the city of Pottsville to become down the road.

"Redevelopment always takes a number of years. It didn't happen overnight to make it what it is now and it's not going to go back to what it was overnight," said restaurant owner Savas Logothetides. "What I'd like to see down the road is for downtown Pottsville to be more of a livable city with a lot of market-rate housing. And I'd also like to see it as more of a tourist attraction."

Yuengling plays a big part in Pottsville being a tourist attraction as it brings in around 70,000 people a year. The city adds it looks to capitalize on this trend by making the city more affordable and having it be a desirable location for young people to live.

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