VIDEO: Driver Saves Kid Being Chased by Angry Turkey, Says Motherly Instincts Kicked In

GREEN BAY, Wisc. -- A Wisconsin woman is speaking out about her recent moment of heroism. Saving a boy being chased by an angry turkey.

Vanessa Miramontes and her boyfriend were driving her son to see Santa at a Green Bay area Cabelas when something caught her eye.

It was a young, frightened boy running toward her in the road's bike lane.

"It felt like forever, like one of those Baywatch where the kid is running in slow motion down the beach, you could just sense the poor kid's fear in the vehicle," Miramontes told WBAY.

Without hesitation, the mom took action.

"My first concern is I don't want to see the child run out in the road, trying to get away from this and get hit by a car. I like instinctively turned in front of it, and he was like no don't you are going to hit it, it didn't get hit at all but I was like what if that was our child?"

Although she managed to slow the turkey down, Miramontes says the turkey took off after the kid again.

"It probably took 5 seconds and it caught back up with the kid. Full speed running at the poor child."

Another vehicle stopped and took the kid home which Miramontes says was a relief - but as any mother would do - gave this warning.

"Don't get in vehicles with strangers, but I think the circumstances are different when you are being chased by a turkey."

And in case you are wondering, Miramontes did still make it to Cabelas in time for her son's photo with Santa.

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