Woman Accused of Poisoning Cats Headed to Trial

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- A woman in Lackawanna County facing felony animal abuse charges gave up her right to a preliminary hearing in court on Tuesday.

The case against Jennifer Oustrich of Taylor will now head to trial.

When Oustrich walked into court Tuesday, she was met by protesters for animal rights group Tracey's Hope who were there demonstrating in hopes that Oustrich's felony charges will stand.

After an investigation in August, police filed felony animal abuse charges against Oustrich who rents out an apartment building in Taylor. She's accused of poisoning cats.

Police found rat poison mixed with dog food along the fence line of Oustrich's rental property. Autopsies on the cats could only prove that two of them actually ate the poison but at least five died.

Oustrich is due back in court in February.


  • jsrant

    This is just plain b.s. People who live in the inner city has to deal with cat owners leaving there cats roam around and breading when ever they want. No fines, no lisenecs paid to the county but people who have dogs need to pay for a licence, pick up after them, keep them on leashes, have rabies shots and other vacinees. We need laws for these cat owners who let them loose. This woman didn’t do anything wrong, she stood her ground for het property.

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