Shawn Christy Enters ‘Not Guilty’ Pleas in Federal Court

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SCRANTON, Pa. -- A man who spent months as a fugitive from federal authorizes pleaded not guilty on Monday morning to crimes he allegedly committed while on the run.

Shawn Christy of McAdoo was in federal court in Scranton to face more than two dozen counts ranging from threatening the president to stealing guns and vehicles while he was a fugitive.

In the courtroom, Christy repeatedly swore at the judge and prosecution and refused to sit down. At one point, three U.S. Marshals had to restrain him and handcuff him to a chair.

His lawyer spoke to Newswatch 16 briefly about where the case stands.

"At this point, Mr. Christy intends to exercise his right to a speedy trial. That trial is scheduled for February, and we look forward to the opportunity to try this case before a jury," said defense attorney Heidi Freese.

Christy's parents were also in the courtroom but did not want to talk.

If convicted, Christy could face decades behind bars.


  • jimbrony

    Christy: ‘I’m not guilty, and I stole vehicles and firearms, and ran from law enforcement just to prove it’. Makes sense to me.

  • Dicky Ball

    Typical liberal tyrant behavior. Will you accept the election results? Yes! Now, you should, too. Respect democracy. Respect the will of the American people. Respect the only way POTUSs have ever been duly elected via the electoral college because you can’t alter the aforementioned since it didn’t go your way. Obey the law or end up like this b u t t s o r e DemocRATic obstructionist low life. REELECT 45!!!!!

      • darkhorse6669

        Just like is gonna happen to your boy “BIG 45!!!” when we get a hold of his tax returns. Then you’ll be a crying baby.

      • darkhorse6669

        You sir, are a ReAl iDiOT. Go back to whackin off between pictures of rush Limbaugh, michael savage, and donald trump. Still waiting for you to say something even remotely intelligent, ill probably die before that happens though. Speaking of osama what president was he killed under?

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