More Complaints from Spotless Cleaners’ Customers, Workers

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DUNMORE, Pa. -- Complaints continue to mount against a chain of dry cleaning outlets in Lackawanna and Wayne counties.

People tell Newswatch 16 they have waited months for their clothes and still can't get them back.

Now, some former workers say Spotless Cleaners owes them paychecks.

There are 10 former workers who say they were each owed up to $2,600 in pay. They say they plan to meet with the Lackawanna County district attorney about not getting paid and to claim they were told to give worried customers excuses when their dry cleaning wasn't ready when it was due.

More customers say they fear their clothes they haven't been able to pick up may be lost.

Inside Spotless Cleaners on Monroe Avenue in Scranton, clothing hangs on racks.

When a customer tried to drop off some shirts Monday morning, she ran into a locked door and left.

Candy Crosby of Dunmore wishes she didn't drop off her wool coat in October.

"I have other coats to wear, but that was my warmest coat."

She tried to pick up her coat and her son's suit at the Spotless in Dunmore, but no clerk has been there all week.

"I would never bring another item back there. I would never go through the front door again," Crosby said.

Crosby cannot get answers from Spotless, and it may be a while before she and dozens of other customers get them from the new owners who bought the business late last year.

But this year, Spotless outlets in Honesdale and on Monroe Avenue in Scranton are closed.

The ones in Dunmore and on Moosic Street in Scranton have their laundromats open, but the dry cleaning drop-off and pick-ups are shut.

No one from Spotless would talk on camera, but off camera, an official with the company confirmed to Newswatch 16 that Spotless is having financial problems. Among them, in the last two months, utilities have threatened to shut off electricity and water.

"The worst time of the year to be scrounging, when you have two little ones," said Erica Elferis of Waymart, a former worker at Spotless.

Elferis is among 10 claiming they're owed thousands because Spotless either shorted their paychecks or didn't pay them at all.

"They said they had no money coming in, that we had to find the missing stuff, they were paying customers out on things that were lost and stolen," said Felicia Carhart of Dunmore,

"I had to borrow money from family members to pay my bills," said Barbara Antonucci of Dunmore.

Antonucci started her own home cleaning business last month to pay her bills. She claims Spotless owes her $2,600 in pay for her work this fall.

She also says Spotless management told her to stall customers when dry cleaning was lost or missing.

"The worst thing was explaining to the customer where their clothes were. They were always missing," Antonucci said.

"We were always told to tell them not to worry, it'll turn up," Elferis said, adding that the clothing did not always turn up.

A Spotless spokeswoman says the company has already paid customers about $30,000 for missing clothing. People who want to pick up missing clothing can call Spotless at 570-346-7577.


  • maqmaq (@mq316mq316)

    the lost my “required” embroidered with school logo shirt for the school concert … paid for it in buying 5 dinner tickets to support the chorus.. dropped it off a full week before concert for light starch …. called 2 days before concert was told it was in and ready …… came the day of concert 5 hours prior to concert to get it …was handed someone elses laundry…. i said this isnt mine ..same LAST name not same first …. they couldn’t find mine …. they said the person whos laundry i was handed picked some up earlier that day but they wouldn’t call them for me to see if maybe they got it by mistake ….. no help from them haven’t seen shirt since .no offer to pay for it or replace it …no apology

  • Interested American

    Tell me, WNEP 16 and, Dave Bowman, Do you ever intend to do any “investigating” in any of these “Investigation” reports? Or is it all going to be like the first report about Spotless Cleaners? You seem to not know the term you brand this story as.

    All you did in the original story was talk to someone who called you, undoubtedly hoping you could help them, then go talk to them and then visit the cleaner to find someone named, Dave. WOW, real investigation happening there. Did you use your whole research team to come up with that? Then in the end you didn’t even bring the situation to any kind of conclusion. Nor did you in any way explain what is going on with Spotless Cleaners. All your pathetic piece did was to cause more questions than you provided answers for. I witnessed no investigation in any of these stories. All you did was report news and label it “Investigation.” Are you all truly that messed up?

    I wish you put as much effort into actually doing some investigative reporting in your viewing area as you do helping out charities. Your station would have a MUCH better reputation and you’d have a reason to be proud to be called the news station and not just use that as the meaningless statement it currently is.

  • lickerblisters

    None of the clothing was “lost.” I would imagine the lesser clothing was thrown in the dumpster and the better clothing, (furs etc) was sold on EBay and the NYC fur market.

  • Dicky Ball

    They took you all to the cleaners. Now, take them to district magistrate’s court for applicable compensation.

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