Abington Heights Educator Named Teacher of the Year

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HARRISBURG, Pa. -- A teacher in the Abington Heights School District has been named the 2019 Teacher of the Year by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

Marilyn Pryle was awarded the distinction on Monday.

Pryle was one of 12 finalists honored by the state in April.

Nominations for the Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year were submitted by students, parents, peers, and members of the community wishing to honor and recognize educator achievements both inside and outside the classroom.

The 2019 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year finalists:

  • Amber Chiafulio, Bethlehem Area School District
  • Kenneth Ehrmann, Pennridge School District
  • Ann Franzosa, Hazleton Area School District
  • Brian R. Hastings, Spring Grove Area School District
  • Wade Owlett, Northern Tioga School District
  • Myken Poorman, Bellefonte Area School District
  • Marilyn Pryle, Abington Heights School District
  • Jayda Pugliese, School District of Philadelphia
  • Sunada Roberts, Harrisburg School District
  • Uriah Sampson, Titusville Area School District
  • Maria Vita, Penn Manor School District
  • Brian Wargo, Freedom Area School District


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  • Dicky Ball

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  • Dicky Ball

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  • Dicky Ball

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