Matthew’s Hope 4 Miracles

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa. -- Matthew McDonnell is always on the go. His boundless energy knows no limits.

But with that trademark smile and contagious charm, you'd never guess what this eight-year-old from South Abington Township has been through.

"He is feeling wonderful. He is cured we believe from cancer and he's just being a typical eight-year-old," said Linda McDonnell, Matthew's mother.

Matthew isn't even a decade old and during his short time on earth, he's already battled a rare form of kidney cancer four times.

"It was hard. I had to always pray to god and I had to always pray and make sure I was just staying well," said Matthew.

"Even going through the worst treatment imaginable for a child, he always did it with a smile, always did it with courage and I don't know where he gets the energy, to be honest with you," said Patrick McDonnell, Matthew's father.

Matthew acknowledges he's been through the wringer but wants to use his own experiences to help other children and he's feeling some type of way about that.

"Really, really, really, really excited! I'm happy," said Matthew.

At Tunkhannock's annual Christmas In Our Hometown, mighty Matthew officially launched his own nonprofit organization called Matthew's Hope 4 Miracles. The number four representing the number of times he's battled the disease. He says the mission is to defeat pediatric cancer by creating awareness and raising money for research.

"I know how tough it can be to have cancer, so I want to help other kids so they don't have to have a tough time like I did," said Matthew.

"I couldn't be more proud. He is such an incredible boy. He has such a huge heart and he wants to help people," said Patrick.

"My message to them [other kids] would be to say always believe in god. Pray every day and just being together with your family is the most powerful thing and being with God," said Matthew.

Matthew stayed busy Saturday by reading devotionals to other children, giving out mittens filled with hot chocolate packets and handing out Christmas cards.

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