Students in Williamsport Donate Items, Collect for Classmates

WILLIAMSPORT, Pa. -- Some students in Williamsport made staying warm this winter a little easier.

After weeks of collecting, students at Curtin Intermediate helped load boxes filled with socks into a van parked outside the school in Williamsport.

It's all part of Socktober, an event to help collect socks for those in need in the Williamsport area.

"Socks are the least donated item to homeless shelters and that's why collect socks during Socktober," explained sixth grader Emily Kine.

About five years ago, teacher Anna Radspinner brought Socktober to Curtin. This year, with help from the community, the school collected 5,001 pairs of socks.

"We've just reached a pretty big milestone. We just crossed over 15,000 pairs of socks. We are really proud of our kids," Radspinner said.

Emily and a few of her classmates helped deliver the socks to shelters including the YWCA in Williamsport

"It was a really amazing experience because we got to meet so many people and see how their organization works and how they really care about the people," she said.

"The fact that these young people have come together to help those less fortunate in the community is just amazing," said Dawn Linn, CEO of the YWCA in Williamsport.

While these students are helping donate items to the community, there are many other students who need support.

"I stand on door duty every morning and every afternoon and we see kids coming in without coats. 'Where's your coat?' 'I don't have one.' OK, well we are going to get you a coat," Radspinner said.

The school is collecting coats, hats, scarves, and gloves for their students this month. They are accepting donations from the community

"Giving is certainly in our DNA here and we want to help each other out," Radspinner added.

The school will be accepting donations throughout the winter.

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