Holiday Shoppers Flock to Downtown Lewisburg for Annual “Late Shoppers Night”

LEWISBURG, Pa. -- In Union County, people packed downtown Lewisburg for a night of holiday shopping this Friday evening.

It's the borough's annual “Late Shoppers Night” where local businesses extend their hours and offer great sales.

In downtown Lewisburg, it`s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Market Street was bustling with light and activity as shoppers roamed from store to store, snapping up holiday sales.

It`s Lewisburg`s annual “Late Shoppers Night” where businesses stay open later than usual and offer discounted prices, making it a win-win for all.

“We`re a second-generation family-owned business,” said Tabitha Geise, the owner of The Purple Platypus, a baby and child clothing and toy shop. “So, we have just a lot put into our small business and all of us do downtown' >

Many shop employees see it as a chance to show what the downtown offers.

“People if they`re just visiting for tonight and they`re coming into the town for the first time and they`re getting a chance to see all the different stores so it gives us a good chance to show who we are to everyone,” said Jetta Harrison who works at Betty’s, woman’s clothing shop.

Tod Steese drove in from Mifflinburg.

“I`ll spend a little extra money just to support the local folks, I think that`s very, very important to me,” said Steese.

And as a perk to parents, the Lewisburg`s Children’s Museum offered to watch children for free from 4:30 to 8:30 so moms and dads could shop or dine kid-free.

“We`re going to head to dinner without the kids and then take an hour or two to shop for Christmas by ourselves,” said parent Andrea Seeley, who was dropping off her two young children.

Both shop owners and customers say seeing all the trees decorated with lights is like Christmas come early, considering the borough didn`t think it could afford to have a light display this year.

Area electric companies and nearby communities offered to string new lights just in time for this event.

“As a business owner, it`s really important to have the place look like Christmas. People don`t want to come to town that`s not decorated and festive,” said Barbara Ross, owner of Wilson Ross, a clothing, curiosity and antique shop.

Most of the downtown businesses stayed open until midnight.

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