Food Pantry Hopes to Help More Families in the Poconos

SMITHFIELD TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- A food pantry in one part of the Poconos was busy today handing out food and other necessities to people in need.

Jo's Outreach on the Light of the World Church Campus near East Stroudsburg has been open for a little more than a year, but directors are hoping to expand services to more people.

Right now the pantry serves more than 100 families.

Everything from canned goods, to meats and personal supplies are given at no cost people in need between Monroe and Pike counties.

"It breaks my heart sometimes. When I come in, we open at 9 and when I come in, especially on cold days like today, I come in at 745 and people are already standing in line outside in the cold. So that tells me there is a big need for people in our community," said Ida Matthew, a director at Jo's Outreach.

Directors say the pantry is open to those in need on the first Friday of every month here in Monroe County.

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