Christmas Tree Safety Tips

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MAHONING TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- Hundreds of trees fill the lots at Crystal Spring Tree Farm near Lehighton.

People from all over come to the place in Mahoning Township to cut down a real tree.

Owner Chris Botek says before you place the tree in its stand, there are a few things you should know.

"Make sure you keep the tree watered, that is first and foremost. Make sure you keep the tree away from a heat source and make sure your lights are good," said Botek.

Farmers say even though the past few months have been very wet, the trees still need water every day.

"They are like a houseplant. Once they get the water, they pull it right up. When you see a houseplant wilt and you give it water, in an hour it perks back up. It's very similar to a tree," said Botek.

Fire officials are also offering tips this holiday season, especially when it comes to Christmas tree lights.

"Before you go to bed, lights off in the house and lights off on the tree, too," said Tyler Corbett, Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Dept. firefighter.

In Monroe County, firefighters at Stroud Township Volunteer Fire Department say it takes only seconds for a tree to go from decorative to dangerous.

"Within 30 seconds, on a dried-out Christmas tree, it will catch fire and spread to the entire room it's in, and essentially, spread to the rest of the house as well. Make sure if you get a fresh Christmas tree, there is a fresh cut at the bottom, because sap likes to settle there and the tree won't drink its water," said Corbett.

Farmers say while sometimes people like to keep a tree up past the holiday, it's important to make sure it doesn't dry out.

If it does, it's best to throw it out.

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