Grinch Stealing More Than Just Christmas in One South Wilkes-Barre Neighborhood

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- Neighbors in South Wilkes-Barre said a Grinch isn’t just stealing Christmas from front porches on Miner and Maffet Streets, but also medical supplies.

Three different surveillance clips show what neighbors believe to be the same person hitting two different homes on Monday. He checks the coast is clear, then strikes.

Neighbors are so fed up, they didn’t want to reveal their identities, but they did want to share their stories.

“It's really disturbing that someone was just so close to my home and to take something that was valuable to my daughter it was really upsetting,” one woman said.

She said the thief took a supply sensor worth $700 for her daughter’s diabetes. She just found it tossed in the woods.

“We all work hard for it. For somebody just to come, sweep by and just take it from us in a second, it's disturbing and it's disgusting,” she said.

In the past couple of weeks, neighbors said three different people had their packages taken right off their front porches. One of them had her Christmas gifts stolen.

“I had a pair of Sorel winter boots, earbuds, a Nintendo Switch and cute little cable bites for your phone,” another woman said.

The second woman said she’s worried to have packages delivered to her home now.

“[I feel] violated. We worked so hard for my boyfriend for him to have winter boots this year because he walks three miles to work every day because he doesn't drive. Very violated,” She said.

Police said people are stealing packages off porches all over the Wyoming Valley. Officers in Kingston said the problem gets worse every year.

“Years ago, the online orders weren't what they were today. A lot of people rely on things getting delivered to your door,” Sgt. Thomas McTague said.

Officers in Wilkes-Barre are investigating the incidents in their city.

In the meantime, neighbors have a message for the thief.

“Please stop stealing our stuff. Please. This is ridiculous we all work way too hard,” The second woman said.

“Get a job! Just get a job. We all work hard in this neighborhood for the gifts for our kids and for ourselves,” The first woman said.

Police in Wilkes-Barre have posted tips on their Facebook page about how to prevent package thefts.

If you have any information that might help with their investigation, you’re asked to call Wilkes-Barre Police at (570) 208-4200.

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