Young Author Hopes to Help Children with His Book

PRICE TOWNSHIP, Pa. -- In the living room of his home near East Stroudsburg, a 13-year-old boy flips through pages of memories, both good and bad.

The self-published book is called "Unwanted." It's written by this young author who uses the pen name of Knox Tolbert.

"I kept moving around with different people and I felt like I wasn't wanted, so that's where I got the title from," said Knox Tolbert, "Unwanted" author.

Knox says he didn't have a good home life growing up.  Bouncing back and forth between parents and foster homes, he says he never really felt wanted.

He decided to write the book to help other children cope who might be in a similar situation.

"I know there are kids out there that's been through maybe even more than what I have been through or been through the same thing. I tried to write this book to help them," said Tolbert.

Knox has been living with his grandmother Kellie in Price Township for the past three years. She says his teachers at J.T. Lambert School in the East Stroudsburg Area School District really helped her grandson make this book possible.

"He did a lot of journaling. His teachers at the school helped him to write because he was very bad at writing and putting thought into it. So after all the journaling and all the anger came out, he decided to put it into a book," said Kellie.

We asked Knox what his favorite part of the book is and his answer is heartwarming.

"My favorite part was actually when I didn't have to move away from somewhere when I actually felt wanted," said Tolbert.

If you would like a copy of the book "Unwanted," there are a few ways you can buy it. On Amazon, at Barnes and Noble, or at Author House. You can also contact Knox's grandmother at

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