Unhappy Customer Unable to Get Fur Coat from Cleaners

DUNMORE, Pa. -- Some unhappy customers claim a local dry cleaner is slow to clean and return clothes and even slower to return fur coats it stores for the winter.

That includes a 72-year-old woman who fears her coat was lost.

The woman says she tried to get a $1,600 fur coat out of storage back in late October.

Five weeks later, she still doesn't have it and wonders if Spotless Dry Cleaners in Dunmore can even bring it to her.

It claims to be the area's most trusted cleaner for 80 years, but one woman believes Spotless Cleaners in Dunmore lost its spotless reputation when she asked for her coat.

Elizabeth Martin of Scranton is undergoing treatment for cancer. She has been a Spotless customer for six years, using them to store her fur coat at a facility in the Poconos.

Since late October, she has made 26 calls to Spotless in Dunmore to get her coat. She says Spotless workers tell her they'll have the coat in a couple of days.

Martin says she has only gotten excuses from clerks.

"She said, 'We've had five truck drivers quit.' I said, 'What does that have to do with my coat?'"

When she asked the store's manager, Martin claims a man named John replied, "I don't know where your coat is. I don't care where your coat is. You do what you have to do."

John would not give us his last name and said he did not tell Elizabeth Martin he didn't care about her coat. He says the people who store the coat for Spotless have been very busy.

That would make sense if it were a day or a week, but it's been more than a month.

"I have been trying to track down all the fur coats in Scranton," John said.

Several complaints about Spotless Cleaners in Dunmore left it with an "F" rating from the Better Business Bureau.

John blames Spotless' problems on workers quitting, leaving him to be the only one to run the shop and deliver clothes to customers.

Martin says Spotless should pay for the $1,600 coat since the dry cleaner can't seem to find it. It belonged to her sister-in-law, who like her, had cancer and gave it to Martin five years ago after she died.

"Very, very, very sad, and yet, she only had it, I think, for one year, and then she gave it to me," Martin said.

There are four Spotless Cleaners outlets in Lackawanna County and one in Honesdale. The one people are complaining about to us, and to the Better Business Bureau, is in Dunmore.

Elizabeth Martin is not sure what she can do now. She just hopes Spotless Cleaners in Dunmore can find her coat and deliver it to her.


  • Maulik Reeves

    I work at spotless and this lady have no fur coat under her name,the coat in question is under another custom account and she have to give the name of that custom name and show ID to get it. i see it a lot of people put stuff in other people name then forget who they put they stuff under, so when we look for it,we can’t find it under that name,then they say oh it was in my kids name,after that the stuff be there the whole time,this is why we give people receipt, but they always loose them and expect us find they stuff, if people keep the receipt then it will be easier to find they stuff.

  • Karen Therese

    Since the Nicolais family sold the business it has gone to the dumps. The new owners (out of state) hired managers that promptly fired all the senior workers. We experienced the same thing. Left shirts for cleaning and pressing and they disappeared. Oh and John’s answer that it is only the Dunmore store is bull because everything goes to the same place. They are outsourcing the cleaning because the 5th st. dry cleaning and washing place is closed. What a shame.

    • dunmoreproud123

      Thank you for this! Looks like you’re right and since the original owners sold, things have changed a bit.

  • Ralph Turasky

    Slow News Day ? Or does Somebody have a Vendetta out against Spotless Cleaners ? This Article Seems like a Attack on the Buisness. I personally have never have done buisness here, nor do i know anybody associated with Spotles Cleaners but really is this situation this woman is having worthy of a reporters time, and a news report ? The article states several people are having issues but neglects to name them, or what particular problems they are having, It even goes on to give it’s BBB Rating. This situation boiles down to a Lady who is having a problem getting her coat back. Maybe it’s just me but The Article and it’s wording just seems to be a Attack on a buisness that may have simply lost a womans coat, and if thats the case, after a claim, and investigation the store’s insurance company will pay her for her coat.

  • Matt Berns

    Well there would be something wrong if spotless lost their employees. Probably financial problems. As long as spotless has paid their insurance then the coat should be covered.

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