Remembering President Bush in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania

SUNBURY, Pa. -- It was a solemn day in Washington D.C. as friends, family, and politicians mourned the loss of President George H.W. Bush. Here at home, people watched the funeral on television.

"It's very moving, one of our wonderful presidents," Barbara Hummel said.

Nearly two dozen senior citizens from the Sunbury Senior Action Center watched the funeral together.

"It's very moving to see one of our great presidents. It's very sad to see that he is passing," Donna Dunkle said.

"It's an era that we're going to miss, him as president," Claire Orwan said.

It was lunchtime at the senior center in Sunbury, but you could hear a pin drop as the group watched the funeral.

"Sad, it is sad. A friend told me once it's something we have to do. We have to pay respect to the dead," Roger Hummel said.

The seniors tell Newswatch 16 on days like this all Americans need to come together, regardless of their political parties.

"We are and should be proud Americans," Barbara Hummel said.

"They deserve our respect because of the great jobs they've done for our country," Dunkle said.

Many of the seniors have fond memories of President Bush.

"A respected leader in our community and for our country. He has made a lot of changes. He has helped seniors," Dunkle said.

"He lived a good life and he was a good president," Orwan said.

And even though they weren't there in person, they felt a part of this day in tribute to him.

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  • Dicky Ball

    Read my lips, no new taxes. Out of touch. The recessionary President. An establishment elitist. Yeah, we remember the one term President.

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