‘Modern-day Bonnie and Clyde’ Nabbed after $1 Million Burglary Spree

SCRANTON, Pa. -- Investigators believe they've caught the couple responsible for almost $1 million worth of burglaries in the area.

Both Francis and Dorri Smith are behind bars, charged with a long list of burglaries.

At a news conference Wednesday at the state police barracks in Dunmore, Lackawanna County District Attorney Mark Powell called this the largest burglary spree ever in this area.

"The stolen items include cash in excess of $100,000 and more than $800,000 in property, including 50 firearms, safes, jewelry, high-end watches," said D.A. Mark Powell.

Investigators say between November of 2016 and September 201,7 Francis and Dorri Smith ransacked 26 homes and a business in Lackawanna, Wayne, Wyoming, and Carbon counties.

"At one point, Dorri Smith told investigators she and her husband considered burglarizing homes as their day job," said Powell.

State police say in October of last year, Francis Smith led police on a chase from Old Forge to Taylor. He ended up crashing into state police and was later locked up.

While being interviewed, police said Francis Smith admitted to some burglaries and DNA was able to link him to a lot more.

"It is literally a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde, complete with a high-speed car chase and a nationwide manhunt," said Powell.

Court paperwork indicates Francis Smith was able to post bail and never showed up at a hearing.

Through tips, officials were able to find Smith and his wife last spring in Panama City, Florida. After a brief standoff, they were arrested and brought back to Pennsylvania.

They were finally arraigned Wednesday on charges related to nearly $1 million burglaries.

"A crime spree has ended," Powell said. "The perpetrators will be brought to justice and our community will be safer."

Both Francis and Dorri Smith are locked up. There is a primary hearing scheduled for them in Lackawanna County later this month.

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