Woman Charged After Road Rage Incident in Duryea

DURYEA, Pa. — Police in Luzerne County arrested a woman after they say she pulled a gun during a road rage incident over the weekend.

Police say she nearly hit some people while driving along Main Street in Duryea around 4 p.m. Saturday. They yelled for her to slow down, and she got out and pointed a gun at them and yelled back. Then she got back in her vehicle and drove away.

Witnesses were able to get her license plate number and police tracked her down.

She is being charged with terroristic threats and disorderly conduct.


  • Dicky Ball

    How ironic, hypocritical and s exi st WNEP. If the accused were a male(for example, Dr. John Stevens), you would have posted his name, despite the presumption of innocence, due diligence, due process and justice for all. SHAME ON YOU, wnep. DOUBLE STANDARD, again.

    • Lisa Marshinski

      I totally agree with you Dicky. The Drs identy was all over, yet he had not gone to court and/or been proven guilty, there were no witnesses, but now his life/business is ruined, even if proven innocent (which law says innocent until PROVEN guilty, but who cares about that anymore) She on the other hand IS guilty, had witnesses and they’re protecting her identy? Why. . .

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