Tovon & Co. Diamonds Set to Reopen in New Location

DALLAS, Pa. -- Many of the stores damaged by the tornado that hit Wilkes-Barre Township earlier this year are reopening just in time for the holiday shopping season.

Tovon & Co. Diamonds has a new place to call home. The jewelry store was destroyed five months ago when a tornado hit Wilkes-Barre Township.

It has now set up shop in the Dallas Shopping Center.

The owner says this is like returning home. Years ago, his store used to be in this shopping center, just four stores down from his new one.

"We were actually going to come here, originally in 2019 when our lease ran out, but the tornado just moved it up one more year," said Tom Van Scoy.

While the tornado destroyed the Wilkes-Barre Township location, he didn't lose any of the diamonds.

"It looked like you took a blender, ripped the roof off, stuck a blender in the store, and turned it on -- a huge blender. It was terrible," said Van Scoy.

He started working out of his new location in Dallas in August, accepting customers by appointment only.

"We had people calling up to make appointments to see diamonds, so we sat here, we showed people diamonds, and there was no rug in the floor. There was nothing but tables, like plastic tables."

Now he's set to host his grand reopening this weekend. He'll be offering discounts to his loyal customers.

"It's just so nice to know that you're welcomed back, and people trust you and they won't go anywhere else. It's just great to know that," Van Scoy added.

Wilkes-Barre Township's zoning officer says the paperwork to tear the shopping center down is in the works. The plan is to rebuild, but we don't know when or what stores will be coming back there.

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